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Lucky Peso is Souvenir Satellite's second release and recorded in 2006. It was recorded while the artist was living in Memphis, TN and was the last album released before moving to NYC.


Tele was a band formed in Denton, TX and was performing and recording during the years of 1998-2000. The band's original seeds were Meikle Gardner and David Trammell (aka mr.blueSky). From 1999-2000, George Reagan (Hagfish) joined the longtime friends to bring his expertise and experience to the group. This is a very rare and limited edition (the vinyl version) record. It is the only album recorded by Tele





Hello Goodbye is Souvenir Satellite's third album release and the first in 16 years. It has been a long wait but well worth it. Most of the songs were written during 2020 and 2021 during a time of difficulty, both personally for the songwriter, and globally during the pandemic. It was this time alone and isolated that sparked the return to the recording process. The album is conceptual and replete with themes of loss, ghosts, time, and love. The ephemeral quality of life and our relationships in it are examined throughout the record. The album's title, Hello Goodbye, says it all. We are here and then we are not. The goal, the songwriter states, is to realize your potential, embrace love, complete with all the joy and the pain, share your story, be kind, and always look to the stars.

Souvenir Satellte



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